Touch game

Erotic massages are massages in which human nudity appears and the masseuse can force the customer through movement and touch to immerse himself in the secrets of his own sexuality. These captivating massages are a kind of game of touches, movements, looks. Their goal is not only to satisfy the physical body, but above all to balance the inner world and organize chaotic thoughts. The origin of these massages is in very old India, where the teachings from which these massages are based come from. This teaching has a long history, estimated to be several thousand years old.


This teaching arose from a significantly more popular and well-known teaching and philosophical direction called Buddhism. This religion ranks among the largest religions in the world in the number of its followers. We are talking here about the ancient teachings of Tantrism. This teaching preaches unique thoughts, attitudes and opinions, most of which it took over from the already mentioned Buddhism. Erotic massages are based on this teaching, based on the popularity of this type of massage, the first tantric salons were established, which over time spread and grew all over the world. Nowadays, these massages are accessible to anyone, which was not the case in the past.


The paradox is that in the early days of these massages, the definition of Tantrism was not accessible to the general public, but people wanted to know more about it. The opposite is the case today, here this teaching and this philosophical direction is really accessible to everyone, but nowadays it is condemned and put on the sidelines as something immoral, which should be in the last places in the eyes of society. It is unfortunate that false information is being spread about these massages and that is why people are rejecting them. These massages combine the best of all possible massages and meditation techniques and exercises and can give a person what no other massage can.